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The Staple for Ranking sports Fans

Sports fans are the bloodstream of the sports industry. We take ranking sports fans seriously and are working hard everyday to ensure fans are accurately ranked. We encourage sports fans to showcase their fan spirit via social media and in the real world; that is the FanRanker way. We hope to reveal to the world a deeper sense of value in today’s sports fan.

Important Aspects For Increasing Your Fanranker Score

Use registered hashtags

One aspect of the score is determined by how active a user is on twitter. If a user remains inactive for a period of time, their score will begin to drop over time. On the other hand if a user consistently stays active on Twitter, their score will begin to increase over time.

Tweet Often

Registered hashtags are located on each team page and can be used by users once they have liked a particular team. Only registered hashtags will be used to calculate a users score. Users can submit new hashtags and once reviewed will be available on that

Tweet multiple registered hashtags

Another aspect of a users Fanranker score is determined by how often a user tweets using the registered hashtags. The more times the registered hashtags are used the higher the score the user will accumulate. More Hashtags

It is important to note that users must like the team pages that they tweet about in order to receive Fanranker points.